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We care about diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, we have more than 20 years of experience. From capillary blood collection to blood glucose monitoring and insulin injection: B. Braun offers the devices needed to make everyday life with diabetes a little easier. This makes us your reliable partner in diabetes therapy. All our products are based on:

  • high quality
  • safety
  • simple handling

To ensure unchallenged quality, every product batch is tested thoroughly before it goes into retail. Additionally, our Omnitest® blood glucose meters always do a self-test before being used. Thus, they deliver highest measuring accuracy in blood glucose monitoring – every time.

We take the current standards seriously and meet all relevant norms:

  • Omnitest® blood glucose meters range is in accordance with ISO 15197:2013 – which includes higher system accuracy and user performance components.
  • Omnican® fine pen needles follow the requirements of ISO 11608-2:2012 – including tightened specifications concerning dose accuracy.
    Please see our list of compatible pens.
  • Omnican® syringes fulfill the ISO standard 8537:2007.

This is how we can offer a constant high level of quality for our clients worldwide.