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Intelligent data management for dialysis and nephrology

The daily dialysis routine is more and more affected by documentation, quality management and data storage. For this reason B. Braun, physicians, nurses and partners developed the smart data management system Nexadia. Routine activities can be reduced to a minimum; and with the fully bidirectional connection, the treatment prescription is downloaded directly into the dialysis machine. With Nexadia, data is transferred into information, and information into knowledge. This knowledge can make a significant contribution to an improvement of treatment quality.

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The Nexadia system: Monitoring software and database

Nexadia consists out of two complementing software applications, Nexadia Monitor and Nexadia Expert. Together they provide an optimum system: highly efficient and easy to use.

  • Nexadia Monitor is a well-structured and user-friendly software which provides clear view and control of a wide range of processes in dialysis treatment. The data generated in connected dialysis machines, analysers (e.g. blood gas analysis), and patient scales are automatically transferred and saved to Nexadia Monitor, which enables clear data visualisation and convenient editing of the data. Thanks to the bidirectional data transfer between Nexadia Monitor and the connected dialysis machines, consistent and up-to-the-minute data records can be called up at any time, even during treatment.
  • Nexadia Expert is a powerful and user-friendly database for dialysis-center therapy management. Operation of Nexadia Expert is intuitive. Functions include the editing and archiving of all treatment- and patient-related data and preparation of the documentation required for quality assurance. Data from other medical information systems can also be imported and managed, e.g., patient master data, laboratory results, findings and diagnoses from external physicians. Nexadia Expert is well coordinated with the Nexadia monitoring software and automatically initiates bidirectional data transfer to and from Nexadia Monitor and any other equipment connected to the system.

What users say about Nexadia: "The bottom line is patient safety, as well as time savings for the nurses."