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Understanding wound bed preparation: 5 Minutes, 5 Questions 

In this series of talking heads, Professor Keith Harding, Professor Marco Romanelli and Dr Bjorn Behr answer key questions about the concept of wound bed preparation. This 5 minutes, 5 questions, the latest in the series has been supported by B. Braun.

Interviews with Professor Marco Romanelli 

Professor Marco Romanelli discusses the role of wound bed preparation in wound healing as well as factors that contribute to a wound's chronicity and how wound bed preparation can help to improve wound healing.

How does wound bed preparation facilitate the use of advanced therapies?

How does wound bed preparation help to accelerate healing?

What are the key components of wound bed preparation?

When was WBP introduced and how does it differ from good wound care?

What factors contribute to a wound’s chronicity?

Interviews with Professor Keith Harding 

Professor Keith Harding discusses the prevention and management of infection as an integral part of wound bed preparation and the role of biofilms in delayed wound healing.

How do topical antimicrobials assist wound bed preparation?

How do you select the preferred method of debridement?

What procedures do you use to reduce the bacterial bioburden/biofilms in a wound?

How can you tell when the wound has a biofilm and what role do biofilms play in delaying wound healing?

Prevention and management of infection is an integral part of wound bed preparation. How does it help early recognition of the signs and symptoms of infection?