Introcan Safety® 3

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Closed IV Catheter with multi-access blood control

Providing safer and efficient IV access from start to finish

  • Healthcare Worker Safety: offering a high level of needlestick injury protection
  • Patient Safety: minimizing IV complications and improving patient comfort
  • Process Efficiency: allowing user to stay in control throughout the entire procedure


  • Passive Safety Shield: reduces needlestick injuries
  • Stabilization Platform: improves catheter stability and minimizes movement in vessel
  • Multi-Access Septum: controls flow of blood, reducing cleanup time
  • Universal Bevel: provides a wide choice of insertion angles for accessing difficult veins
  • Double Flashback Technology: improves first stick success
  • Suitable for use in CT up to 300 psi (24G - 18G)
  • Available sizes 24G - 14G
  • Catheter Material: Polyurethane (PUR)
  • Latex-free, PVC-free, DEHP-free
  • Acc. ISO-Standard 10,555-1/5

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Introcan Safety® 3

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