The Importance Of Nutrition In Ostomy Care

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Ostomates’ nutritional requirements

The body is host to millions of chemical reactions everyday, so as to allow the organs to function properly, the cells to be renewed and different substances to be made among other things.(2)

As an ostomate, dietary advice is an important aspect to be taken into consideration as in some cases having a diet which is not adapted to your new situation can lead to some digestive tract irritation issues(1). As far as the digestive tube is an organ which is intented to absorb food, vitamins, minerals and water, a stoma surgery brings some changes on this normal process and has an impact on the nutritional absorption and excretion of food.

Therefore, adopting a new diet is necessary to keep insofar as possible the frequency, consistency and amount of stool which will contribute in helping you to retrieve a normal life(1). Adopting new eating habits can help you to avoid malnutrition problems which are often observed in cases where ostomates are not well advised.

General healthy eating recommendation for ostomates

  • It is important to eat a well-balanced diet to obtain all necessary vitamins, minerals and calories needed for a good health.(1) (2)
  • Add one new food at a time in your diet in order to observe its potential side effects.(1) (2)
  • Eat at regular intervals.  Skipping meals increase the incidence of stools and gas.(1) (2)
  • Avoid dairy products during the first stage after your stoma surgery if you noticed great gas emission, bloating and diarrhea after food which contains lactose.(1) (2)
  • While eating, chew your food throughly. Cutting the food into small bites may also improve tolerance.(1) (2)
  • Starches being the food that have an optimal capacity to be absorbed and that are essential for our energy production, it is necessary to have some at each meal.(2)

References: 1) Nutrition in stoma patients: A Practical View of Dietary Therapy. G. Akbulut, 2011, International Journal of Hematology and Oncology.  2) Dr. Philippe Fauqué, Nutritionist & Head of Clinical Nutrition Unit, Institut Polyclinique de Cannes, Cannes, France.

B. Braun supports the World Ostomy Day

The World Ostomy Day which is celebrated every three years has as main objective to raise awareness on different particular subjects which affect the life of ostomates.

Being an important actor on the stoma care market, this year B. Braun has decided to highlight the importance of nutrition in patient care. Knowing that 40% (in Germany up to 60%) of patients in hospitals are malnourished, we can state that nutrition is unfortunately not considered as so important in patient care which afterwards leads to huge complications and affects patients' healing process.(3) For ostomates, nutrition is essential as the removal of part of their bowel decreases their absorption capacity and therefore modifies their eating habits.  

Reference: 3) Le Manifeste de lutte contre la dénutrition, 2016

The importance of nutrition for ostomates

  • Interview with Dr. Philippe Fauqué

    On this occasion, we have interviewed Dr. Philippe Fauqué, a French nutritionist and Head of Clinical Nutrition Unit at the Institut Polyclinique de Cannes (France) in order to know at which stage during the patients' hospital stay he introduces the nutrition subject to them and what are his main advice to people having a stoma.

  • Discover the story of Marek Lichota

    Marek Lichota a former ostomate encountered us his story regarding the different nutritional issues that he had to face during his hospital stay after his stoma surgery. Discover his main diet recommendations to people having an ostomy.

B. Braun celebrates the World Ostomy Day worldwide

  • B. Braun USA : Nurse recommendations

    Paula Erwin-Toth is a Wound, Ostomy and Continence nurse from Cleveland, Ohio and here are her recommendations to ostomates in case of signs and symptoms of dehydration.

  • Linda Coulter is a Wound, Ostomy & Continence nurse. Here are her diet tips to help ostomates to thicken up their output.

B. Braun celebrating worldwide  

B. Braun Switzerland

B. Braun Switzerland is participating in the Welt Stoma Tag (World Stoma Day) in Olten.  For this occasion, a brochure which groups together different receipts dedicated to ostomates will be given to every participants.

B. Braun Denmark

B. Braun Denmark will participate in the symposia of the Danish Ostomy Organisation (COPA) on the Stomidagen in Odense.

B. Braun Germany

B. Braun Germany has published its own Stoma Guide which follows three steps: In a first part we learn about basic anatomical principals of the absorption and processing of food in the human body. The second part is dedicated to the effects of food on the ostomate’s well-being and shows how ostomates can plan strategically his/her diet. The third part concludes with recipe suggestions which are based on the expertise of nutritionists as well as culinary enriched by the creativity of the German star chef Alfons Schuhbeck.

B. Braun Vietnam

Phuong Nguyen is a Vietnamese nurse who works at the GI surgery department for more than 28 years.  Actually, she works with more than 230 ostomates and used to advice them about different nutritional requirements which will make their daily life easier after their stoma surgery.

B. Braun Bolivia

“ All things are lawful for him, but not all things are profitable. That is the golden rule for a good nutrition for an ostomized patient " - Gridvian Indira Orellana Anzoleaga Nurse in gastroenterology

"Eating healthy for an ostomate is vital to generate greater safety for him" -Viviana Zarelle Calahuara Soza, Intensive Therapy Service

“The quality of life of the ostomate begins with eating well and better "-Maritza Condo Vargas-Head of Nursing