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  • Protection of valuable instruments


  • Innovative Modular System


  • Reduces labour intensive need for tray wraps


  • Eliminates risk of torn wraps
Our team of highly trained auditors, have many years experience assessing the packing, transport and storage of surgical instruments. Their recommendations are already saving the NHS in excess of £10 million per annum through the elimination of torn wraps both during storage and transportation.  
Our consultative approach can provide bespoke solutions, not only for the packing of your surgical instruments, but also in house transportation and storage solutions.

Our audit of existing processes will provide a comprehensive report including:

  • Overview of the current processes for packing, transporting and storing your surgical instrument sets
  • Costs associated with the current packaging process
  • Potential cost savings moving to alternative packing systems
  • Recommendations on the transportation of your surgical instrument sets
  • Recommendations on revised storage solutions both within sterile services and operating theatres


  • Substantial cost savings through the elimination of torn wraps
  • A dramatic reduction in the number of “last minute” elective surgery cancellations
  • Robust transport and storage solution
  • Reduction in the weight of large sets (e.g. orthopaedic)
  • A range of environmentally friendly solutions
  • Substantial cost savings through reduction in consumable and disposal costs


Testimonial from Debbie Clow - Sterile Services Manager, Peterborough City Hospital

“With the introduction of the Aesculap Container Systems, workflow has increased as the need for paper has gone. The issues associated with loan sets has also been addressed using containers, we no longer have issues of cancelled or postponed operations due to damaged or torn sets. Theatres can quickly and easily identify their sets and the ergonomic design of the containers protects the work force from lifting difficult sized trays. The contents are protected from damage by the robust nature of the container system and it’s ability to allow for better utilisation of the autoclaves. Over the coming years the trust will show a reduced processing and waste disposal cost as the paper cost has gone along with its increased each year in value, staff time in processing is reduced and ease of quick identification achieved in the storage area. The transition to a container system will certainly streamline the department for the future.”