Aesculap RENU

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  • Protection of valuable instruments


  • Innovative bespoke solution


  • Surgeons operating at maximum capacity


  • Dramatically reduces the risk of instrument failure
Aesculap RENU is a unique managed service. It delivers significant cost savings whilst ensuring clinical excellence. 

For a flat monthly rental fee, B. Braun provide state of the art Aesculap surgical instruments and equipment with a full preventative maintenance programme, ensuring full functionality at all times.
There is no requirement for capital outlay and Aesculap RENU will enable you to achieve greater budgetary control, optimise the use of theatre time and improve patient outcomes.

Aesculap RENU brings enhanced equipment reliability in addition to:

  • Enabling cost savings
  • Reducing waiting list times
  • Reducing reprocessing costs
  • Reducing cancelled operations
  • Improving the whole patient experience
  • Reducing hospital stay
  • Enabling greater budgetary control
Aesculap Technical Service
Testimonial from Karen Rowland - Business/Nurse Manager (Anaesthetics, Theatres and DSEU)

“Prior to Aesculap Lap RENU being implemented we spent many hours constantly chasing sets that were away for repair and emailing the surgeons to make them aware of the number that were out of action. This dictated the number of cases that we were able to put on a list and it was also affecting our income generation. Staff morale of both nurses and surgeons was pretty low and I constantly had emails complaining about our service level. We now have a completely different outlook, with confidence at an all time high. Being able to operate with sets fit for purpose, surgeons confident that their cases can be properly planned for with high level instrumentation has resulted in less headaches for me and everyone else involved”

Aesculap Lap RENU

  • Using high volumes of single use instruments and trocars
  • Old or damaged instrument sets
  • Lengthy turnaround times for repairs
  • Equipment out of service
  • Pressure on existing equipment

Aesculap Trocar RENU

  • Costs associated with laparoscopy are high, possibly increasing
  • Tariffs for surgical procedures being reduced
  • Using high volumes of single use trocars
  • Hospital/trust being challenged to make cost savings

Aesculap Scope RENU

  • Large, unpredictable, non-budgeted repair costs
  • Equipment which is not routinely maintained
  • Compromised surgical procedures
  • Procedure times unnecessarily extended

Aesculap Power RENU

  • Repair and replacement costs associated with power tools are high
  • Increased procedure times if tools are unreliable
  • Sets out of commission
  • New power tools are required but no capital money is available

Aesculap Instrument RENU

  • Old or damaged instrument sets
  • Insufficient availability of instrument sets
  • Lack of conformity of instrument sets
  • Lengthy turnaround times for repairs
  • Equipment out of service