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Aesculap Consultancy Service is a bespoke solution which is designed to deliver substantial cost savings, quality improvements and efficiencies to NHS trusts and private health-care groups.

Expert Consultants apply industry best-practices and process improvements to your trust’s central sterile services department and operating theatres to improve both operational and financial performance in line with the QIPP initiative. 

The Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention challenge is our opportunity to partner with you to improve the quality of care you provide to patient’s in a tighter economic climate. 

Aesculap Consultancy Service is a comprehensive programme and requires sponsorship from the trust at a senior level. 

Aesculap Consultants not only identify the root cause issues, but also assist your trust with hands-on implementation of customised solutions which will deliver significant financial and quality benefits.

Why Partner with Aesculap Consultancy Services?

B. Braun manufacture the world leading range of Aesculap surgical instruments, sterile container systems, power tools and endosurgery products. This foundation and our unrivalled expertise in project management offers a unique ability for us to partner with trusts and private groups to assist in maximising your operational capabilities. Our bespoke financial solutions have already benefited a large number of UK trusts to capture essential cost savings whilst offering service improvements.

Benefits statement:

  • Aesculap Consultancy Services provides a revolutionary approach to consultancy work, targeting only those areas where our expertise can offer the greatest value
  • We guarantee to deliver cost savings,  improvements in quality and efficiency gains on each project
  • Our approach is highly focused, targeting the often overlooked areas of instrumentation and sterile services
  • Our partnership approach is designed in line with the QIPP agenda and will deliver  significant wins throughout the course of the project


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