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B. Braun Medical Ltd support over 5,000 patients per year in the community setting across several therapies such as home parental nutrition, ostomy and continence supplies, home haemodialysis, antimicrobial therapy, and monoclonal antibodies.

We have a dedicated team consisting of specialist nurses, pharmacists and customer care, all of whom pride themselves on providing a high-quality service you can trust.

Our aim is to support your patients’ individual needs, providing quality care closer to home.

B. Braun are working together with the NHS to ensure that patients receive seamless transitions from the hospital to home, through delivery of high-quality clinical care.

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Increasing Capacity for Oncology

In recent years, the increasing number of patients being diagnosed with cancer has been a growing pressure for the NHS[1]. Evidence suggests that within the next 20 years, the number of people living with cancer will increase from 3 million to 5.3 million, which is at odds with treatment capacity levels which are expected to remain static.

Despite the incredible efforts of the NHS to prevent backlog, an already growing rate of patient diagnosis, matched with the contribution of the pandemic, meant November 2022 saw the worst-ever waiting times for cancer treatment[2].

The introduction of the Faster Diagnosis Standard forces the rate at which patients are diagnosed after referral to increase[3]. For a patient waiting after referral, earlier diagnosis is desirable, however we can’t ignore that an increase in patients diagnosed earlier, leads to a much larger group waiting for, or receiving, treatment. Without a change to the number of chairs on chemotherapy units, hospitals may struggle to meet this increased treatment demand. This is evident as 29% of patients are experiencing delayed treatment, and 8% are being referred to a different hospital for their care[4].

Likely due to earlier diagnosis, new treatments, and a dedicated NHS, 5-year survival of UK patients with Lung, Stomach, Oesophagus and Pancreas Cancer is increasing[5]. Ultimately, rather than being relieved, pressure on the NHS has transferred from getting patients diagnosed, to getting them treated and maintaining this treatment. Demand for quantity and time in chairs is growing, and the current operating capacity could mean an acceleration in backlog, something we want to help support and address alongside the NHS.

B. Braun recognise the importance of national action to safeguard cancer services and increase capacity to ease the backlog. We want to ensure that the potential for therapeutic oncology advancements does not go untapped. If we efficiently work in partnership with the NHS to provide treatment and help improve capacity, both patients and the NHS alike will see significant benefits.

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Growing Impact on the Healthcare System

Growing Impact on the Healthcare System

Bringing Care Closer to Home

With an established team of specialist homecare nurses and a comprehensive product portfolio, B. Braun Medical has the ability to provide an oncology solution closer to patients’ homes.

Brining Care Closer to Home
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