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AESCULAP Aicon® – A jump ahead in sterile supply management

The supply of sterile instruments is a key priority for hospitals. It is a vulnerable and sensitive field of activity, so maximum hygiene, precision and reliability is essential.

Aesculap Aicon® sets new standards of quality in the sterile preparation of medical instruments through dependable safety and convenient ergonomic handling.

It enables CSSDs to standardise, control and document the entire cycle of supply and disposal of sterile materials. Its design also aids spacesaving storage, sterile transport, easy delivery to theatre (OR) and safe removal.

AESCULAP Aicon® sterile container system

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Smooth processes through a smart identification system.

Face plate

For labeling purposes; snaps onto the bottom. Available in 10 colors; includes tab for attaching label tags.

  • Allows a generic use of the container
  • Easy to use “click on/click off” system
  • Once the container is closed, the faceplate is reliably fixed and cannot be removed
  • Clamps may be used to affix larger documents
  • Made of thermostable PPSU
  • Has been tested for hundreds of reprocessing cycles followed by several thousands assembly/disassembly cycles successfully 
  • Can remain in place during cleaning and sterilization
  • Can be used for color-coding and identification of set content


Available in 10 colors and 2 sizes – can be written on and/or used for color-coding purposes. Can be snapped onto the face plate and/or the basket.

Label All-In-ONE

One label for all applications: containers, wrap, peel pouches and patient’s file.

  • For steam sterilization, available with and without indicator
  • Avoids painstaking task to clean “sticky” containers as it is removable
  • …but it firmly sticks on paper (patient’s file)

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What does EDS mean?

  • Two EDS modules per container bottom, on the diagonally opposite sides (to make sure that it works also on uneven sterilization carts), on the lowest point
  • It is always closed under atmospheric pressure
  • Blue dot to check from the outside if EDS is in place
  • Can remain in place for cleaning and disinfection
  • Container bottom is designed in a way that the water is collected at the lowest point

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Ergonomic quality of AESCULAP Aicon® sterile containers and baskets.

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Snaps on, can remain in place during cleaning and sterilization (optional).

  • It is an additional dust protection of the perforation area
  • It is made of thermostable plastic material (PPSU)
  • Has been tested for hundreds of reprocessing cycles followed by several thousands assembly/disassembly cycles successfully

Only one perforation area, regardless of the container size.

  • Only one filter = less costs, less handling efforts
  • Single-use filter available with and without indicator for steam sterilization
  • Indicator change visible from the outside

Available with indicator for steam sterilization and without indicator.

  • For tamperproof closing
  • It does not protrude
  • It can be checked from above (e. g. in the OR) and from the front (e. g. in storage)
  • It is destroyed when opening the container but it stays in position (small parts do not fall out)

Due to the special design of the silicone gasket the upper edge of the container bottom is sterile when opened. This supports a reliable aseptic removal of the instrument basket.

Provides further product information, e. g. short explanatory video clips, by simply scanning the code with the mobile device camera.

AESCULAP Aicon® basket system

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A new type of non-slipping wavelike basket bottom. The ring instruments stay upright during the packaging process, which makes the packing of sets much more comfortable.

The gripping and holding conditions of the basket are very good, the dimensions are rated by users and experts as exactly right. 

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An optional basket lid is also available. Even if a lid is used, the weight is still always carried by the handles of the basket.

Smooth and rounded design, no feet – therefore also a good choice when using single-use wrap.

Enables standardisation of the cycle through a synchronized system.

  • Same identification system
  • Heights matched with AESCULAP Aicon® container bottoms – standardized cycle and maximum use of space

Solid and space-saving stacking of baskets, with and without lid.

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AESCULAP Aicon® handling


  • Return of contaminated instruments

  • Arrival decontamination area

  • Functional check

  • Packing

  • Aseptic presentation


AESCULAP Aicon® label All-In-ONE


AESCULAP Aicon® functional test


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AESCULAP Aicon® A jump ahead in sterile supply management
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