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What is Debridement? How does it work?

Alongside wound cleansing, debridement is often the first step in any protocol of wound care.

The aim of debridement is to obtain a clean, healthy wound bed to allow rapid and effective healing by removing devitalised tissue, excess exudate, senescent and abnormal cells, and microbial burden, healthy tissue is unimpeded, and granulation tissue encouraged to form in the wound bed.

These factors allow wounds to progress to, and through, the final phase of wound healing and towards complete closure.

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The Prontosan® debridement pad for soft mechanical debridement

Prontosan® Debridement Pad is designed for soft mechanical debridement – lifting and removing slough and debris for effective wound bed preparation.

The innovative shape provides a rounded end for larger surfaces and a tapered end for ease of access into smaller cavities and difficult to reach undermined wound edges.

Debridement technology

Newest microfibre cleansing

The Prontosan® Debridement Pad uses the latest technology in cleansing – microfibres.

Each microfibre has a multiple strand structure, allowing for many more particles of slough and debris to be removed from the wound bed and bound to each mircofibre within the pad, not just brushed away as with traditional larger monofilament fibres.

There are millions of microfibers in each Prontosan® Debridement Pad for magnified debridement power!

Mode of action - microfibre v monofilament

Clinical survey

Don't just take our word for it!
See what 55 clinicians said about Prontosan® debridement pad

Clinical survey. 92% rated good to excellent

Ordering information

How do you order Prontosan® debridement pad?

Prontosan® Debridement Pad is available on Drug Tariff and can be prescribed in packs of 3.

It is available via NHS Supply Chain in packs of both 3 and 10.

Ordering codes are available in the table below:

Further information

Where can I get more information on debridement?

There is a lot more information on debridement and Prontosan® Debridement Pad which you can download via the links below.

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