A story about Haemodialysis

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Less busy, with a human touch

Insights into how a Swiss renal care center gains time with data management and provides satisfaction for patients, health care workers and management

Time is crucial in dialysis. It is essential for successful therapy and the patient’s well-being, for nursing processes and efficient economics. Unfortunately, time often means a conflict of interest. Patient’s long for individual and personal care with time to chat with nurses and doctors. Health care professionals understand that recovery depends on a lot more than just the right medical procedures. On the other hand, time is scarce. And time is money. Renal care centers - like any other health care institution - need to balance their costs. They must learn to manage time in an efficient and at the same time, human, way. A renal care centre in Switzerland committed itself to a new course to treat this challenge. They give insight into how they balance time to satisfy their patients, health care workers and the center management. Follow Cecile Tartron, nurse at MV SANTE Dialyse in Geneva, for a day and watch how smart technologies like Nexadia enable her to focus on what is really important: medical care with a human touch.