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Aesculap Aeos®

Aesculap Visualisation – Exciting technology with proven clinical benefits

  • Precise and accurate imaging techniques
  • Native 3D imaging can reduce eye strain and lead to reduced procedural times
  • HD resolution provides crystal clear, sharp images
  • Heads-Up surgery improves surgeon ergonomics and improves team work


Ready for a new level of vision?

With Aesculap Aeos® neurosurgeons can see more, utilizing digital technologies to improve imaging, illumination and fluorescence which contributes to a clear image that helps in identifying structures and tissues.

Improved visualisation of Endometriosis

Evidence is emerging that 3D endoscopes enable better visualization of lesions as well as histologically confirmed endometriosis lesions as seen in the Mobsbruker et al study. 4K technology is also improving visualisation for identifying better anatomical detail, through higher resolution images.

The below brochure highlights the specific ways in which B. Braun Aesculap, with the use of the EinsteinVision 3.0 3D Camera System, can help improve the treatment of Endometriosis in the UK.


3D Visualisation

Aesculap EinsteinVision is B. Braun’s 3rd generation 3D camera system for minimally invasive surgery.

The native full HD resolution provides razor-sharp images and impressive 3D depth combined with uniform image illumination.

With a manufacturing pedigree of over 10,000 3D stereo endoscopes, EinsteinVision delivers unprecedented 3D images, and has become the benchmark in minimally invasive surgery.

Digital imaging technology

Aesculap Aeos® counteracts the traditional limitations through utilizing digital imaging technology. Unlike optical surgical microscopes, Aesculap Aeos® has a wide field of view, autofocus functionality and an excellent depth of field. This allows the surgeon to see the whole picture and make more informed decisions as they have more information available to them.

Using 3D imaging technology and HD resolution, Aesculap Aeos provides a crystal-clear image, providing surgeons with a platform to perform successful microsurgery. 

Enhance your view

3D stands for three dimensional and is a synonym for stereoscopic viewing. One of the advantages of having two eyes is the capacity of depth perception. Because our eyes are separated from each other by about 3 inches each eye sees a slightly different image when watching an object. When the individual images being viewed by each eye reaches the visual cortex, the brain automatically puts these images together and interprets information regarding the third dimension. Other cues that help the brain to process depth perception are perspective, shadowing, lightning, color, relative size etc.

The viewer needs to wear 3D glasses to create the illusion of spatial depth. These signals need to reach the brain simultaneously yet by separate channels which is made possible by using 3D glasses.

EinsteinVision® sterile single camera drape which hermetically seals the complete 3D endoscope, the camera head and its cable. It is used as a sterile barrier between patient and camera system. The concept is simple: one patient, one drape!

The advantages are:

  • The process – no change in existing practice using a sterile drape 
  • The use – camera system remains in the theatre and is always ready for use 
  • The quality – the integrated glass cover on the distal end of the sterile drape provides a clear view of the surgical site 
  • The patient – the sterile drape is latex free and reduces the risk of cross-contamination 
  • The budget – with a maximum of two cameras (0°, 30°) all lap procedures can be performed 
  • The savings – no reprocessing costs

Using a Microscope without oculars can be a daunting thought. However using digital imaging technology, Aesculap Aeos provides Heads-Up surgery with crisp, sharp, 3D images on a 32inch Monitor positioned in front of the surgeon. This allows the surgeon to lift their head up and work in a more neutral position, reducing strain on their neck and back. 

A new level of Vision

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Laparoscopy Documents

Description Document Link
EinsteinVision literature
pdf (5.4 MB)
EinsteinVision - COVID Recovery Plan.pdf
pdf (1.9 MB)
EinsteinVision 3.0 PACS Intergration booklet.pdf
pdf (653.6 KB)
Endometriosis EinsteinVision Brochure.pdf
pdf (1.4 MB)
Scope Fogging.pdf
pdf (1.3 MB)

Neurosurgery Documents

Description Document Link
Aesculap Aeos product brochure
pdf (5.5 MB)
Aesculap Aeos technical brochure
pdf (1.5 MB)
Aesculap Aeos value analysis brochure
pdf (1.5 MB)
Aesculap Aeos efficiency Infographic
pdf (1.1 MB)
Aesculap Aeos ergonomics Infographic
pdf (980.9 KB)
Aesculap Aeos visualisation Infographic
pdf (969.0 KB)


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If you would like to receive information on our product portfolio and clinical education opportunities, you can do so by signing up to our email updates via the links below

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