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Do you think visualisation in neurosurgery can be restrictive? Do you think neck and back pain disrupt your workflow? Do you think that it is time for innovation in neurosurgery?

We do.

Surgical microscopes have been left behind in the digital revolution until now. Aesculap Aeos® is a Digital Surgical Microscope Platfrom, powered with pioneering software and a robotic arm that enables the neurosurgeon and their team to see more.

Are you ready for the future?



Challenges of neurosurgeons

Are you ready to rethink your microscope?

Surgical microscopes have their limits, focus on the future with pioneering technology and explore a new level of vision.

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Ready for a new level of vision?

Current technology provides good visualization – but neurosurgeons deserve to see more.

We have partnered with neurosurgeons all over the world to innovate many areas of neurosurgery, from instruments to aneurysm clips. Now we are revolutionizing surgical microscopes.

With Aesculap Aeos® neurosurgeons can see more, utilizing digital technologies to improve imaging, illumination and fluorescence which contributes to a clear image that helps in identifying structures and tissues.

The future is digital. The future is now. The future is you.

If you want to learn how Aesculap Aeos® helps you to see more please contact us. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Stand tall

Ready for a new level of comfort?

Neurosurgeons are faced with numerous challenges but ergonomic challenges are often overlooked despite being a major factor in a surgeons performance1.

The conventional surgical microscope forces users into unnatural positions due to its design so it isn’t surprising that a survey among British consultant surgeons showed that 8 out of 10 neurosurgeons suffer from pain while operating2.

The future of neurosurgery will require a more comfortable workflow in the operating theatre. Aesculap Aeos® aims to revolutionise the surgical microscope by promoting heads up surgery. The HD monitor allows the neurosurgeon to adopt a standing position that is comfortable and adjustable, thus minimizing the physical strain that usually occurs whilst operating.

If you want to learn how Aesculap Aeos® helps you perform surgery in a comfortable position, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Be efficient

A digital platform built for the future

Aesculap Aeos®, like other digital devices, receives regular software updates that increase the capabilities of its hardware. Therefore, changes in fluorescence or navigation technology can be deployed and reduce any downtime. As a result of this, Aesculap Aeos® is a digital platform that can be built upon in the many years to come.

As Aesculap Aeos® is also a modular system, each part of the system can be interchanged without replacing the whole system, as such maintenance is quick and easy and improves workflow efficiency. The LED light source has a lifetime of over 100x than that of Xenon bulbs as well as generating less heat, ensuring that Aeos® is always ready.

Our expert Techincal Service are always on hand to ensure that your operating theatre remains as efficient as possible with maintenance and service visits.


Digital imaging technology

A perfect image is essential in neurosurgery. Optical surgical microscopes have limitations such as a small field of view, short depth of field and illumination issues leading to repositioning, refocusing and readjustment. This can lead to a 10% increase in surgery time3 as well as disruptions in the surgeon's workflow.

Aesculap Aeos® counteracts the traditional limitations through utilizing digital imaging technology. Unlike optical surgical microscopes, Aesculap Aeos® has a wide field of view, autofocus functionality and an excellent depth of field. This allows the surgeon to see the whole picture and make more informed decisions as they have more information available to them.

Fluoresence and ICG imaging can be combined with white light to provide a clearer image on the high-resolution 3D monitor that the whole theatre can see – therefore providing an excellent educational tool.


Optimised ergonomic set-up

An estimated 80% of neurosurgeons suffer from pain while operating2. Furthermore neck and back pain may affect a neurosurgeon’s performance, quality of life and health. An efficiently run neurosurgery department should not be affected by bad ergonomics and the consequences of such working conditions.

Aesculap Aeos® enables the neurosurgeon to stand tall while performing the surgery, resulting in a more natural, more comfortable position.


Improved efficiency

Intelligent technology helps staff in moving the robotic-assisted arm making it as effortless as possible while the footswitch allows the neurosurgeon to make precise readjustments to the camera head hands-free, ensuring that their hands no longer need to leave the operating field and saving up to 10% of time in surgery3.

The LED light source has a lifespan of approx. 500,000 hours before replacement, therefore downtime and the need for spare parts are kept to an absolute minimum.

The heads-up display allows for the whole operating theatre to see what the neurosurgeon is seeing on the 4K 55” FHD monitor, ensuring that any registrars assisting in the surgery are getting the best possible view to further their education.

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