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Insights - Are you asking yourself the same questions?

  • Do you need certain equipment only very rarely?
  • Would you like to free-up tied capital?
  • Do you want to use always the newest equipment for your surgeries?
  • Are you facing capacity problems in your warehouse?
  • Are you looking for solutions how to bridge bottlenecks?
  • Or would you like just to test products before you decide to purchase them?

Value proposition

Solutions for exceptional cases: With ELSA (European Loan Service of Aesculap), Aesculap helps closing inventory gaps and overcoming bottlenecks in the supply of hospital equipment. The ELSA loan service provides special implants, instruments and instrument sets for your operation. For the hospital, it avoids purchase costs for rarely used instrument and helps saving storage space and costs.
You can choose from 50 different loaner products, including all Aesculap systems and variants for hip and knee endoprosthetics, systems for nail locking and spine surgery, and special revision instrument sets. All loaner sets are checked and prepared to meet the highest quality standards.
Aesculap dispatches loan products to customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and anywhere else in Europe.

  • Quick and easy ordering process
  • Complete service
  • Widening the spectrum of possible treatment options at the hospital
  • No stock-holding required at the hospital
  • No maintenance or repair costs
  • Wide range of systems, including rarely used variants
  • Dispatch to anywhere in Europe

Your benefits & outcome

The European Loan Service of Aesculap offers you

  • OR Equipment
  • Power Systems and Devices for the time of repairing (only if the repair is performed by the Aesculap Technical Service)
  • Delivery directly to your location

Loan service product groups:

Hip Arthroplasty

  • Short stem prostheses
  • Primary hip endoprostheses 
  • Revision endoprostheses 
  • Special explantation instruments

Knee Arthroplasty

  • Primary knee endoprostheses 
  • Revision endoprostheses 
  • AS Advanced Surface knee implants (incl. revision implants)

Sports Medicine

  • ACT (autologous chondrocyte transplantation) 
  • Cruciate ligament reconstruction 
  • Implants for high tibial osteotomy

Traumatology (Locking nail systems)

  •  Femur, proximal femur, retrograde femur and tibia
  •  Humerus, proximal humerus
  •  Distal radius
  • Metal removal instrument sets

Spine Surgery

  • Cervical stabilization 
  • Thoracolumbar stabilization 
  • Preservation of mobility


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