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Many aseptic units have used single device fillers and parenteral nutrition (PN) compounding machines for decades. The move to fully automated robotic equipment has not yet been embraced by main stream aseptic compounding manufacturing.

This may be due to a number of factors:-

  • capital costs
  • output levels not justifying the investment
  • cleanroom infrastructure change requirements  
  • lack of flexibility.

Up to the end of 2020 there was still no efficient batch production of compounded aseptic medicines with robots in the UK.

There are factors though which now prompt serious consideration of full automation and robotics. A lack of staff capacity reportedly prevents 60% of aseptic units from offering a full service (1) and shortages of over 44,000 nurses in the UK reducing nurse time to care. These challenges have been recognised in the ‘Call for Evidence – Pharmacy Aseptic Services Review’ (Sept, 2019) with automation forming one of four core capabilities. The automated preparation of high volume ready to administer aseptic products can provide an answer and potentially free 4000 nurse WTE.

Over recent years automation/robotics have developed to a point where the outputs, quality and flexibility of equipment warrants a closer look. The footprint of some of this equipment is now suitable to fit into standard cleanrooms without major structural changes and vial reconstitution possible in many machines.

Robotics may not be the correct answer to all your requirements but they could form part of a significant strategic investment.

B. Braun Aseptic Consulting Services can provide advice on:

  • Capacity planning and appropriate automation solutions
  • Automation options
  • Finance options
  • Sales and Marketing expertise of surplus product

B. Braun and Kiro Grifols have a global partnership to enhance pharmacy production output through the provision of automated compounding equipment.

(1) ‘NHSI Pharmacy Aseptic Services Review – Summary of Key Findings’, 28th March 2018.

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