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Making life easier

Making life easier – Easypump® II

Easypump® II elastomeric infusion pump is designed to give clinicians and nurses the option of delivering pre-determined amounts of medication to the patient in a continuous and accurate manner, either at the hospital, ambulatory settings or at home.

Easypump® II is independent of main power supply or batteries, enabling the patient to be treated in an ambulatory manner.

Easypump® II

Easypump® II  

Easypump® II offers a broad product portfolio of different versions. A clear coding system gives you guidance to identify the version that fits best to your customer needs.

Easypump® II  - short and long-term infusion therapy

Easypump® II – The elastomeric system for short- and long-term infusion therapy

Easypump® II is the first choice for healthcare workers and patients requesting a mobilecost effectiveeasy to maintain and implement solution for the delivery of short- and long-term IV therapies.

B. Braun's OPAT Product Pathway

B. Braun’s OPAT product pathway benefits both healthcare services and the patient by reducing inpatient stay, easing bedpressures and maximising quality of life.

Healthcare service benefits:

  • Helping to reduce inpatient stay, easing bed pressure and allowing bed reduction or reconfiguration
  • Helping to improve efficiency of resource use including impact on waiting times and improved flow
  • Admission avoidance for some infections
  • Reduced workload for hospital staff
  • Providing resource for early discharge of patients with healthcare associated infection

Patient benefits:

  • Helps to improve patient satisfaction
  • Helps to decrease hospital acquired infection including Clostridium Difficile
  • Helps to reduce length of stay/admission avoidance
  • Helps prevent social/psychological problems associated with admission
  • Allows choice of therapy to suit individual needs
  • Delivery of care in greater comfort and privacy
  • More rapid return to normality (work, education)

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