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Power. Precision. Performance.

ELAN 4 consolidates the required components that typically form a standard electric or pneumatic surgical drill system, introducing simplicity from inception.

With healthcare providers tasked with delivering modern, efficient and sustainable patient centric services, the continued demand to balance the introduction of innovative products and technology, whilst working under budget restraints, remains one of the key challenges all UK healthcare providers face.

ELAN 4 helps meet such challenges by delivering a versatile bone dissection system, covering a wide scope of surgical indications including Oral, Maxillofacial, Neuro, Spinal and ENT surgery, helping generate a justifiable return on investments made, through its proposed universal adoption. This is without any compromise on reliability, longevity or the performance criteria set by each indication.

Winner of an iF world design guide award, in the discipline of product and category medicine and healthcare, ELAN 4 has being globally recognised as a symbol of design excellence in its class.

With over 110 years of manufacturing pedigree and more than 18,000 ELAN systems sold worldwide, ELAN 4 follows its predecessors in delivering PowerPrecision and Performance.

Elan 4


  • Direct Drive technology
  • Choice of Electric or Pneumatic motor
  • Ergonomic handling concept
  • One burr fits all handpiece lengths
  • Plug and play design
  • Validated and compliant decontamination process

The decision to invest in surgical power tools is a crucial one. Such a decision involves a wide range of stakeholders who are all tasked with the same aim: adopting products, technologies and services that exceed key criteria defining their roles and responsibilities.

Improving the quality of life for their patient is the goal of any consultant surgeon.

ELAN 4 provides the foundations for a powerful yet precise cutting performance, offering reliability and simplicity. With handpieces that have been refined, ELAN 4 offers a tactile feel and fatigue free experience enabling users to focus, without complications or distractions, on the clinical outcome for the patient.

An expert in operative nursing, scrub nurses are a vital team member in the successful outcome of any surgical procedure.

With theatre lists often encountering delays, working in an operating room environment can sometimes be a stressful experience. Therefore the need to adopt simplistic products and technologies that are easy to handle and prepare are key.

With its streamlined configuration and ‘plug and play’ technology, ELAN 4 provides users with a system that is easy to configure, ensuring the system is available at the point of need. All key assembly and disassembly requirements are marked by a golden operating element, offering a system which is easier to interpret and configure.

Ensuring the seamless operation of the theatre department and its staff; providing the highest levels of patient care to a defined budget, are just some of the daily challenges facing any theatre department and management team.

One area which can impact the efficient utilisation of valuable operating time is the non-availability of surgical equipment due to it being damaged, faulty or unreliable. For over 40 years ELAN has been acknowledged globally as a drill system that offers reliability and uninterrupted performance.

Complementing performance are a dedicated team of B. Braun Technical Services personnel supporting your team throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, ensuring a whole system partnership approach to healthcare provision is achieved.

With an innovative handpiece cleaning concept validated and compliant with UK and EU MDR standards for processing and sterilising medical devices of its type, ELAN 4 sets the benchmark for the safer delivery of surgical drill systems to the operating room, giving the decontamination service provider the utmost confidence that the equipment delivered to theatres is sterile and free from contamination.

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