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B. Braun Sterilog Ltd is the decontamination and sterilisation subsidiary of B. Braun Medical, the UK Parent company, and operates three of europe's largest state of the art decontamination supercentres in the UK, located in Leeds and Birmingham.

The decontamination services and facilities provided by B. Braun Sterilog Ltd have been designed to meet and surpass the challenges faced by today’s hospitals and healthcare professionals. Our UK supercentres are equipped with the latest technology to help ensure the highest compliance with the most stringent performance criteria.

Significant investment, precision process control, operational excellence and a deep understanding of our partners’ needs combine in the delivery of a service portfolio and service experience that is unrivalled within the industry.

Our flexibility and versatility enable us to create and deliver service models and solutions that have the professionalism, efficiency and value of large scale provision, but which have all the feel, individuality and focus of a bespoke package, tailored and customised for one partner and one partner only.

We are rightly proud of our people: their knowledge, skills, experience, passion and dedication contribute to successful clinical outcomes every single day.

“Sharing Expertise” is our commitment.
We are uniquely positioned to fulfil that promise – and more.

Brookdale Rd. Unit 8
S35 2PW Sheffield
United Kingdom