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Clinical Therapy Specialist Team

The B. Braun team aim to work in partnership with you to provide continuous support and education throughout the life of the products you purchase from us.

Our fully managed service offering is specifically designed to provide you with support every step of the way from pre-introduction product familiarisation, implementation and ongoing best practice clinical education, tailored to your requirements.

The team consists of 13 Clinical Therapy Specialists who are Registered Nurses, hold an Association of British Pharmaceutical (ABPI) Certificate and are Medical Industry Accredited (MIA), including DBS checked, demonstrating that they are qualified to deliver education and training within hospital and community environments.

Our Values

As a team of Registered Nurses, helping to ensure safer practice for healthcare providers and improving patient safety, is at the heart of everything we do. 

Healthcare is a rapidly changing field and throughout our nursing careers, many of us experienced product and policy changes, so we know how important it is, that these changes are fully supported with education and training, from the clinical product expert and you have our assurances, that we will be with you, every step of the way to provide the necessary support.

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If you would like to find out more about our complimentary education and training services that accompany the purchase of our products, or if you require clinical support, please get in touch using the contact form.


Education & Training

We understand that access to education and training is essential to improving healthcare practice and advancing care.  We also understand the challenges of finding time for continuous professional development and that everyone learns differently, which is why our Clinical Therapy Specialists offer a wide range of educational resources to suit different learning styles, from E-Learning, clinical demonstration videos, study days, to practical hands-on workshops. 

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IV Therapy

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B. Braun offer hands on practical support in the skill of placing Introcan Safety® Deep Access, our longer length peripheral IV catheter, under ultrasound guidance.  This includes providing ultrasound vein pads and ultrasound machines to facilitate practical sessions.  In addition, our Clinical Therapy Specialist Team can also provide support on the following topics:

  • Introduction to ultrasound
  • Venous anatomy and physiology
  • Vein assesment
  • Device selection
  • Aftercare

Royal College of Nursing accredited cannulation theory covering the following topics:

  • Legal, Professional and Ethical Issues
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Principles of Aseptic Non Touch Technique
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Vein and Device Selection
  • Managing and Preventing Complications

Featuring knowledge checks and a final assessment, with a certificate of completion for achieving a 70%+ pass rate.

Our practical cannulation skills training provides the opportunity to observe, then practice the skill, on a mannequin arm, in a controlled environment, under the expert guidance of one of our Clinical Therapy Specialists.

Upon standardisation to any B. Braun IV Therapy product, complimentary access is provided to our E-Learning Academy. 

Our E-Learning modules have been designed to cater to all different learning styles, enabling better retention of information.  E-Learning also ensures standardisation of training in accordance with best practice clinical guidelines and is accessible to all clinical staff, at any time, on any device.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Aseptic Non Touch Technique 
  • Introduction to; Gravity Administration Sets, Peripheral IV Catheters and Needlefree Extensions
  • Clinical Demonstration 
  • Knowledge Check
  • Frequently Asked Questions


A certificate is provided upon completion of the knowledge checks.

Scrub the hub is an innovative bite-sized education programme which is intended to raise awareness of the importance of adhering to best practice recommendations for disinfection and appropriate handling of needlefree connectors. 

Scrub the hub training includes;

  • Refresher regarding best practice recommendations for; disinfection, day change protocols and visual infusion phlebitis scoring
  • Clinical demonstration
  • Opportunity for participants to practice their technique and review effectiveness using ultraviolet light
  • Knowledge check 

Clinical Demonstration Videos

Click to view how to use B. Braun IV Therapy products in accordance with best practice guidelines and the principles of ANTT®.

Introcan Safety® 3 Non-Ported Closed IV Catheter – With Blood Control

Introcan Safety® Deep Access - Longer Length IV Catheter Placed Under Ultrasound 

Vasofix® Safety – Ported IV Catheter 

Removal of a Peripheral IV Catheter 

Caresite® Needlefree 

Caresite® Standard-ANTT Cannulation Pack

Infusomat® SafeSet Flush – Volumetric Pump Administration Set for ITU/CC Facilitating a Post Medication Line Flush 

Infusomat® SafeSet Flush – Volumetric Pump Administration Set for General Ward Use Facilitating a Post Medication Line Flush 

Intrafix® SafeSet Flush – Gravity Administration Set for General Ward Use Facilitating a Post Medication Line Flush 

Intrafix® SafeSet Gravity Administration Set


The B. Braun IV Forum webinar series is dedicated to ‘sharing expertise’ and brings you the latest in clinical updates relating to infusion therapy best practice.


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    Evaluation of ultrasound guided long peripheral IV cathethers in DIVA Patients presented at the National Infusion and Vascular Access Conference

    Emily Smith, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Improving outcomes in DIVA patients. World Congress of Vascular Access 2022

    Julie Godfrey

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    Line Flushing – Changing the way we do things

    Andrew Barton

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    Advancements in IV Administration, the Issue of Underdosing

    Mark Santillo

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    Implementing IV Administration Line Flushing Guidance in Critical Care

    Kate Holland

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    Patient Safety – Implementing a Non Ported Closed IV Cannula

    Glynis Bennett

Further Training Resources

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