B. Braun Medical Ltd helps brain charity provide extra support for families

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B. Braun Medical Ltd helps brain charity provide extra support for families

A new book to help families of children living with a rare brain condition is being published thanks to funding from Sheffield healthcare company B. Braun Medical Ltd.

The multi-award winning firm is supporting Harry’s Hydrocephalus Awareness Trust (Harry’s HAT), a charity which aims to improve the lives of all children with hydrocephalus and those who love and care for them. Hydrocephalus is a condition in which an accumulation of fluid occurs on the brain and affects around one in 1,000 new-born babies in the UK.

Harry’s HAT was founded in 2018 by Caroline Coates, whose son Harry was diagnosed with hydrocephalus as a baby. Following feedback from parents of children living with the condition, she produced a book which is now set to be published with the help of funding from B. Braun Medical Ltd.

Caroline said: “The idea of the book came about during lockdown when parents contacted us to say how isolated and scared they felt. We then surveyed a number of other families affected by hydrocephalus who said that they wanted to learn from those who had walked this path before.

“When you have a child with a complex condition like hydrocephalus, you get lots of leaflets which are often clinical and can feel quite cold. The book is intended to be the opposite of that.

“This condition can make people who have to deal with it every day feel very isolated, but we hope the book will make families feel less alone and give them the confidence to ask questions.”

B. Braun Medical Ltd has been in partnership with medical technology company Miethke for more than two decades - Miethke develops innovative neurosurgical implants for hydrocephalus patients, including the pioneering M.blue® valve which was launched in March 2019.Their joint commitment to hydrocephalus treatment is what makes patient centric solutions more meaningful. Hydrocephalus affects millions of people worldwide and effective hydrocephalus solutions such as gravitational valves have profound effects on their quality of life, physical wellbeing and mental health.

David Oates, UK Group Managing Director at B. Braun Medical Ltd said: “We’re very proud to support Harry’s HAT with their new book to ensure that more people are aware of hydrocephalus and how the chronic nature of the condition can impact someone’s life in such a disruptive way.

“When we heard that Harry’s HAT were looking to publish a book, we were delighted to get involved and help make patients and families aware of how common hydrocephalus is and that they aren’t alone, and hopefully make the journey easier for families.”

For more information about Harry’s HAT, visit https://harrys-hat.org.